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What We Do


At Willing Well Holistic Health we specialise in improving clients’ ongoing physical and mental health and all-round well-being.  We will help you to improve your balance, flexibility, strength, well-being and  a strong  focus towards your overall happiness and confidence.

Why Choose Us?


Willing Well Holistic Health  is run by a fully trained Pilates instructor and Ayurvedic Yoga massage therapist with a history of understanding pain management. Our sessions are tailored to the clients individual needs to help them quickly achieve their goal.  We utilise pilates, mindfulness and meditation in our classes to provide a holistic approach to the improvement of health.

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Willing Well Holistic Health offers group classes, one to one sessions to  both private individuals, groups and multinational corporations.

Home visiting service area available upon request.

Pilates, Meditation, Massage, Health and Well-being local to Crawley, Horley, Reigate, Dorking and surrounding areas.

For further information please contact;

Phone: 07968062008

Email: info@willingwellholistichealth.com

Our Services


At WWHH we understand that recovery from injury or managing chronic pain is a life changing endeavor, not only due to the physical trauma but also mental strain. After the initial consultation each session will work towards you achieving your individual goal with specific movement based strength and flexibility exercises as well as targeted massage. Exercises when appropriate will be given for the client complete between sessions to aid recovery, manage pain and most importantly improve quality of life. This is not only from the physical aspect but also the mental trauma it can cause

About Us



The idea for Willing Well Holistic Health came about as I was recovering from spinal issues and hyper extension in my joints.  The ongoing pain, coupled with the side affects of the medication gave me a quality of life I simply was unhappy with and knew there must be a better way.

I am now a fully trained Pilates instructor and masseur and I want to help people over come similar issues to myself.

By taking the holistic approach to health we can ensure that the body and mind improve together and can (some time quite literally!) get people back on their feet and improve their quality of life.

I work with private individuals in a one to one or group setting  as well as multinationals who hire me to help their staff. I have come from a background of working with and supporting people for many years and truly believe in the importance of tending to not only the physical needs of the body but also the mental and emotional needs of the mind and the way in which all of these function together.  

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